Fishing in Australia, Know the Best Time!

Fishing is an adventure; while fishing, you can communicate with nature and bring nutritious food to your home. Even if you want to fish for a hobby or make money, there are things to know. The question should be asking first, what is the best time to fishing.

The following guide was compiled by Mark from Tilers Toowoomba, a skilful angler from Ozzie land!

You need to follow the weather closely to catch fish.

As is known, there is an enormous variety of fish species in Australia. However, what kind of fish you want to catch is necessary to pay attention to the region and season choices. However, fish are just like humans; they have feeding times in the morning (05:00 – 07:00 am) and the afternoon (6:00 – 8:00 pm). Especially if you go fishing during these hours, your chances of catching fish will increase. Many experienced anglers agree on the major fishing areas in Australia. 

There are regions that, according to seasonal characteristics and fish types.

Cairns, Queensland

If you dream of catching a giant black marlin and any other Pacific seafood type you can mention, this is the place to come. From North Queensland, especially from the Cairns region, which comes north along the Great Barrier Reef. Black Marlin Capital of the World. The season starts from the end of September to December. The tropical waters adjacent to the reef and continental shelf are extremely rich in forage fish and plankton. Moreover, you can catch carp, Spanish mackerel, mahi-mahi, barracuda, trevally, wahoo, and sailfish. 

Top End, Northern Territory

The best times for fish in ​​Darwin and Kakadu National Park are from October to December, when the Barra species proliferate. Simultaneously, the fishing season continues from February to May, when Barra Run-Off Barramundi tends to gather in estuaries.

Kakadu National Park (On the World Legacy list), South and East Crocodile River, boating are the best fishing spots. However, reef fishing is popular during the Dry season, from May to November, and deep-sea fishing is possible when the seas are calm. 

Exmouth, West Australia

You can find the blue bone, milkfish queenfish, cobia, permit, mahi-mahi, bonefish, and tuna. It is possible to hunt in this region almost from the beginning of the season to the end. You have the chance to catch bonefish, permit in September, black blue and striped marlin and yellowfin tuna in October, and swordfish and spearfish in November.

Port Stephens, New South Wales

Port Stephens is a holiday destination and a popular fishing spot. Incredibly fantastic game fishing is here. In February and March, the Southern fishing tournament is held in this area (NSW Interclub Tournament). Common species in this area include kingfish, shady flathead, sand whiting, snapper, luderick, tailor, mulloway, and bream.

Port Lincoln, South Australia

It is about 650 kilometres from Adelaide. PorLincoln is an ambitious region in South Australia for seafood.

The region is primarily known for its southern bluefin tuna.

You can take a boat ride in the blue waters or throw a fishing line from the beach. Pier fishing and rock fishing are popular on the rugged coastline. Salmon, billiards, haddock, garfish, and squid are the fish types include here. The starting season for tuna is late summer and autumn, with kingfish swimming in these waters in late spring and summer.


Sydney is surrounded by meandering waterways and therefore offers diverse and natural fishing experiences. Tailor kingfish, bream, Australian salmon, yellowtail, John dory, and flathead are just a few of the many species you can catch here.

You can fish on one of Sydney’s beautiful beaches, especially in Coogee, Bondi, and Palm Beach. Many anglers also like to rock fishing along the coast, but the waves are high here.

This article provides a regional summary of the best times to fish in Australia. Remember that even if you know everything very well, fishing is a matter of patience. However, being alone with nature is a unique experience.