What Equipment You Need to Catch Barramundi Fish

Barramundi is a common fish species in Southeast Asia and Australia regions. It has been cultivated in Thailand for many years. It is a giant fish that can reach 1.80 centimetres in length, and 60 kg live weight in nature.

Barramundi is a fish that can live in the sea and freshwaters. They have migration movements between the sea and lakes at various times of their life. This type of fish is both delicious and nutritious. According to experts, you can also catch Barramundi in lakes, but the Barra that you are trying to catch from the sea force you a little. 

What kind of equipment should you choose for catching Barramundi?

There is specific equipment in Australia that fishers mostly prefer. For example, Shimano Curado or Chronarch reels are paired with the Shimano Barra Raider bars of the Barra Raider Magnum. In some cases, Shimano T Curve tournament bars are also used by Fishers. Reels are spooled by major brands such as Platil Millennium, Fins PRT, or Platypus Braided Lines.

These are well-tested equipment for large fish species found in reefs, especially Barramundi. Moreover, there are gears that professional fishers using at the fishing tours. Remember that the bait you use when catching Barramundi is essential.

For Barramundi:

Rods: Shimano Barra Raider 1.8m (6ft) Medium Heavy / Heavy Action Graphite Team 6 – 10kg Line as Shimano Tcurve Tournament.

Reels: Baitcaster reel, it’s meaning; Shimano Chronarch, Calcutta or Curado 200 or 300 or similar

Line: Quality Braid / Gelspun Line 10-15 kg (20-30 lb) ideal, Platil Millennium or FINS proven brands

Leading: 20-30 kg (40-70 lb), 1 – 1.5m monofilament or fluorocarbon wind.

Lures: saltwater lures, i.e., Bomber Long A, Classic Barra 10 and 15+, Classic F18 Manta-Ray, Rapala X Rap & Magnum, Killalure Barra Bait & Flatz Rat, Manns Stretch 12+, Halco Scorpions, Storm Minnows, Goulbourn Jack, Nilsmaster Spearhead, Rebel Poppers & Bill & # 39; s Bug Fizzers. Soft plastic shades from 75 to 100 mm and plastic shrimp are also useful. Baits between 70-150 mm are correct. Note: Heavy load hooks and split loops must be attached to all baits.

According to Ryan Moody (professional angler), In the boat for Barramundi, you need all these gears listed below: 




[NEW] TRANSDUCER (all in one) – GT 54 – High-Wide

TRANSDUCER (traditional) – AIRMAR TM150M

TRANSDUCER (side imaging) – GARMIN UHD (best) or GT52

Of course, every fisher has his fishing methods and equipment, and they have been tested; you can try one of these methods by planning the most suitable conditions for yourself. 

If you are planning to catch Barramundi on the beach like Cairns, you may need:

Dusk and dawn are the right times to practice barramundi fishing in Cairns. Calm humidity conditions are best in summer. In summer, the rainy season can cause flooding, pushing baits into the sea, and herding barramundi on rocky front shores and cape areas. Equipment; A good quality rod and reel and at least 20lb of rope are sufficient. Moreover, as feed, large 6-8 inch baits are recommended. Casting; while making it, try deep diving baits around existing structures such as timber, rock, and grass beds. Trolling can also work. Barra hunting is fun, especially when you catch an ample fish, but keep in mind that patience is the most important factor when fishing.